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Before You Get a Bed Online

 Purchasing furniture online has converted a trend. And with a large variety that meets every demand, you can quickly get something for your interiors.

Meanwhile, it begins to your bedroom, nothing can defeat the attraction of a bed. But, before you hit to buy double beds online follow the tips below for bed buying success, no matter what your funds are.


Which bed is ideal for your room?

 Survey the possible space. Get bed according to the size of your room, dropping enough space to provide the bedside table and other necessary room furniture.


Who will be utilizing it?

 Judge the height of the bed and headboard according to the convenience of the user. Like, two high or low floor beds are not suggestable for somebody with movement issues.


Does it provide storage?

 Gone are the days when beds were designated for just one goal. Although storage is not obligatory, a bed can be a great space-saving resolution to make room jumble free.


Which material is better?

 There are a couple of types of woods used in making:

Solid Wood: It makes strong and long-lasting furniture. With solid wood, you can cease and convinced that your bed will have a long story and will continually delight you while accomplishing its conclusion.

Engineered woods: They are not suitable for molding composition as they don’t provide the sufficient volume of strength that solid woods fulfill. For example, MDF and Plywood.


Which type of bed works for you?

 If you want a bed which suggests sufficient storage with a comfort, make sure you request for a hydraulic variant.

 If you want to crack free and vanquish the world, then go for a King-sized bed.

 If your interest is about the area, and you want plenty of leg room left behind having a bed, a Queen-sized bed is your thing.

 If you require everything to fall in an area like a jigsaw puzzle, then make sure yourself then go for complete bedroom sets, to give a complete makeover to your room.

 If you are looking for beds for your youngsters, then there is nothing better than getting cot beds.


Eventually, choose what type of coating you would like to hold on your bed. Pick the finish that soothes your existing bedroom room décorWith Suryavanshi Furniture, you can get the excellent bed or make it customized from us the way you want.



Choosing the right dining table is an overwhelming affair. Suryavanshi Furniture is here to help you with this buying guide to make this decision easier.

 Table Dimension

 Check how many people are going to eat around it on a daily basis. Choose 4, 6 or 8-seater dining tables as per the number of people in your family. An extendable dining table will suit those who love to cherish a lot.


 Always choose hardwood if you want to buy a dining table that serves for a lifetime. Thanks to the many finish options to choose from, the one that goes with the ambiance and existing furniture units is what you need to buy.


 Whether you own a sprawling house or a tiny studio, you can never have enough storage space. You can choose the dining table with built-in drawers to store small things such as napkins, table mats, and cutlery.  


 There are so many styles and designs available, like classical, simple, modern or contemporary. Timeless, and the usual common is the conventional style. But if your interiors have a modern look, go for smooth and lean contemporary designs. Just remember, choose the one that compliments the rest of your décor.


 The dining chairs need to be easy. Cushioned, padded backrests and seats are all upon your choices. You can combine and pair different styles and buy chair sets individually to create a new and wonderful décor. Mismatching is trending now, since your dining chairs compliment but doesn’t coordinate your dining table.


 If you have restricted space but love to host people often, choose a dining table with a movable extension leaf or a joined drop-leaf. You can wrap or open them whenever needed.


 Always consider the shape of your dining table as per the possible space in the place you are getting it for.

Round Shape:

Round dining tables are a perfect solution for smaller spaces. Even the smallest spaces feature a circular shaped dining table flawlessly.

Square Shape:

Square dining tables are perfect for short and small dining spaces. Leaves can be easily added to add more seat space when needed.

Rectangle Shape:

They are the most basic dining tables and serve the best for long and small dining rooms. But, they consume up most of the area.

Oval Shape:

For an extensive visible appearance, prefer oval dining table as the rounded corners take up lesser space approximately, making a little place visually extended.


A definite dining table set requires to be firm, convenient, manageable and welcoming. Get the genuine dining table set or get it customized by Suryavanshi Furniture. Feel free to call us and we’ll happily cater to your Dining table related queries.


Check more buying guides by Suryavanshi Furniture to get your furniture buying method authorized and competent.