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Suryavanshifurniture.com assures that each transaction you carry with us is in protected and secure conditions. We value the credence you put in us. Please study this report on payments and wherewith we assure safety.

What are the payment options which Suryavanshi furniture gives me?

At Suryavanshi Furniture you can buy with any of the following options


On our website:

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Credit Cards.

Debit card for more than 50 banks.

We currently maintain Net banking for all major banks like ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, SBI, Axis etc.


What should I keep handy for my online purchase?


Concerning Credit Cards keep your card which has the specifications of the expiry date, cardholder name, CVV number. Aside of that you more require to beget your online authorization code (“OAC”)/3d secure password.


For Debit Cards keep your card which has the details of cardholder name, number, CVV and expiry date. You will be redirected to the bank site for 3D secure sanction. So keep your OAC or IPIN handy as well.

For Net Banking you require to have your account number as well as your password/IPIN apt.


Is it secure to practice my debit and credit card or net banking?


Definitely. Shopping with Suryavanshi Furniture is absolutely safe. Payment with Suryavanshi Furniture is by the industry-leading payment gateways, The Payment gateways are submissive with the global data protection measures set for companies which manage cardholder data. Be convinced that your card or record data is encrypted as it goes over the Internet performing it thoroughly and exactly reliable.


Will Suryavanshifurniture.com store my card or account information?


Suryavanshifurniture.com does not collect or save your account data at all.


Will I be asked by suryavanshifurniture.com to share card data, account information or passwords on email or phone?

The Suryavanshi furniture team will never ask you to accord any of your payment particulars over phone and email.


Whence will transactions on Suryavanshi furniture appear on my Credit Card / Bank statements?


All transactions on suryavanshifurniture.com will be under the heading of Suryavanshi Furniture on your Credit Card / Bank records.