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Please understand the subsequent terms and conditions thoroughly. The usage of our assistance is controlled to your yielding and receiving the subsequent declarations. Once thou accept to or use one of our services, thou agree that you ought to view and agreed with the terms and conditions and willing to necessitated by the under Announcements. Mark: In these Terms, associating to 'user', 'you are','thou' shall indicate the end user entering the website, moreover 'us', 'us', 'our', 'Firm' shall indicate Suryavanshi Furniture




The website Suryavanshifurniure.com implies an e-commerce portal, controlled and operated by the Company. Usage of this website is directed to your approval outwardly any adjustments to everything in the terms and conditions delivered by the Company, since its individual concern and affirmed on the website.


The user will consent to the terms and privacy policy of the Organization by:


Accepting the assistance and facilities presented by the portal in a move.

The Organization shall not signify wanted to inform you regarding the adjustments executed in the terms; the updated terms should be managed by monitoring the website on a consistent base. Use of any kind of service on this e-commerce portal is subjected to the present version of the policy, hence to understand any changes in the policy shall imply the individual engagement of the user.


Product Policy


The product displayed in the picture is a source product and the newly produced product may seem distinct from the one exhibited in the picture due to several circumstances like light, manual finish, wood's character, and many more. Suryavanshifurniture products are available in a firm set of Glazes like - white & Black, Natural, Walnut, honey, Teak, Sheesham. Therefore, please consult the glaze you require with our consumer support team once in order to get the genuine state product.

Please see that in the case of Hard Wood items, few wood grains would be visible. There may be a slight variation in finish between the actual product and the images which are being showcased on our portal.




As per our Indian Constitution, anyone below the age of 18 is minor. Our website will not offer services to minors. Persons condemned beneath the laws of India are not allowed to practice our services. The Organization holds the top right to deny or allow the access to a fresh user or eliminate the access of current users, at any moment. Moreover, the Organization shall not be needed to provide any reason for it.




The portal enrolment method allows a user to enter the services. Certain user info is required to create an account at our website. It is the individual accountability of the user to maintain the confidentiality of the User Id and password accepted upon the end of the registration. Users are further liable for any action happened below the account, so do sure to exit on the end of each session to restrict the unlawful entrance of your account or violation of protection. The Organization shall not be liable for any destruction or loss arose if you lose to fulfil the terms.The user is responsible for the validity of account information provided during the website registration process. In case of submission of untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information the Company has the end rights to suspend or terminate your account.




This Pricing Data correlating to the Product shall remain as presented on the portal and as unveiled to Thou at the event of your order. We do not ensure that this cost will be the inferior for alike products in several given regions, town, area or city. Rates and availability are directed to switch without notification or a considerable owing to you. While Suryavanshi Furniture attempts to render proper data associating to Products including pricing report, however typing plus additional faults may occur. In the case that a Product is listed at an inaccurate price or with inaccurate data due to a fault, Suryavanshi Furniture will hold the freedom to revise the price of the Product and communicate you for additional guidance through mail information given by you at the moment of registration, either remove the order and inform you of such removal. If Suryavanshi Furniture cancels the order after the amount has been concocted, the stated amount will be sent to your account from which the amount was made.


User Necessities


Your entrance to the portal is a non-exclusive limited privilege, which is subject to compliance with the Terms of Use. The product, portal and the stuff suggested to a user can simply be utilized for objects that are authorized by norms any suitable law, statute or associated rules.  You admit the notes on rotation, use, moreover remanufacture of any element obtained from us in accordance upon these Terms specified in this.


Use of Material' segment.


You consent not to enter the website, the element or the services within one another interface, which means ungiven by the organization. by using from any link, any automated method, application or method, and another similar manner to reach or strive or obtain this portal & content is surely banned.

The organization discards whole those responsibilities resulting in a connection so obscene, improper or contrarily offensive content which is displayed upon a user while reaching the portal.

The language or wording which is on the portal should not be aggressive including according to the appropriate rules. the person who is registering on this portal is constitutionally accountable for every comment and words as well as the language they put. Therefore, thou admit that you will not

Defame, attack, insult or molest the authorized benefits. Mimic anyone entity, & distort your alliance with anyone. Declare, post or spread any improper, slanderous, offensive, immoral & illegal stuff & news. Putting files on, or other anything preserved by intellectual business rules with which you are not associated. Putting any kind of file which contains the virus and other stuff that may damage the portal. Try any step that hinders the portal, the system as well as a server associated to the portal.

Attempt illegal way to the interface and system instead to any of the server related to the portal any effort to obtain passage through wrong medians like hacking. Browse the feebleness or chip the validation capacity of the portal as well as server & network associated with this portal. Wreck the portal support, records, technical things associated with the portal.


Assemble & distribute the information of the user


Using of kind of device to interfere in the operation of the portal using of portal content is illegal. And to perform anything which is unlawful dishonours the rules and regulation of the Organization. Plan reviews, projects, competitions or string notes getting data of anyone, that a particular user put on the portal is unlawful in such a way. Break the law of command proper to unless a selective service Infringement suitable precepts or laws in authority within our India or outside. And Reversed designer, example, distribute, show, duplicate, issue, grant, convey or trade any data gained through the portal. Thou accept that thou are only liable for a failure or loss either a violation of obligations below the articles The organization confers you a right that is not transferable and revocable license to get into product display or any other thing available on the portal.


Enter the element for private, inner data purposes. No change in the element accessible on the portal.

Not eliminate any copyright or possessor announcements accessible at the portal. The composition, arrangement and view, and quality of the portal are preserved below learned business licenses, so copying from the identical shall not act allowed herein. Except or unless authorized, Essential wants to enter and conclude on the portal, PC or laptop and internet facility is of the user only (user is responsible for that).This portal should be practiced as the logical use exclusively,

Failure or loss results from permission for a business will not be the liability of the Company.


Subjective Licenses


The portal, writings, Images, user interface, visibility, pictures, coding at the portal is occupied and managed by Suryavanshi furniture and the layout, composition, collection, interpretation, adaptation is guarded with copyright, license laws, and many different learned business laws.

The brands, labels and service points presented on the portal are the owned by Suryavanshi Furniture you are not allowed to practice those Trademarks outwardly the earlier approval of Suryavanshi Furniture


Suryavanshi Furniture holds each power to the brand " Suryavanshi Furniture. “including modifications as well as name of domain, including outwardly restriction, including all licenses, heading and concern in also to copyright, associated claims, controls, business confidences and discoveries, generosity, reference key, data, document, images, pictures, and links.

Besides as express presented here, thou accept and acknowledge that Thou will not imitate, post, show, transpose, communicate, propagate or share anything by any means outwardly getting the required permission from Suryavanshi furniture.


Disclaimer of Guarantees and Responsibility


We get assured that each and every info on the portal is right, though, the organization nevermore ensures the efficiency, condition of data, goods. The organization shall non- liable for any personal, complicated, accidental or consequent losses affected by: The Organization shall not hold accountable during suspension or failure to exercise of the portal or it service, or any data, and images collected by the portal Besides, we do not liable for non- availability of the portal during maintenance process or technical stoppage.Thou recognize that information collected from the portal is done solely by your understanding. Therefore, you accept that you will be accountable for any kind of harm and trouble produced to your machine by such data.


Breach of the Articles of Use


The organization, in its individual and official option, may eliminate the entrance to the portal of a user in evidence of a breach of the terms or added terms. You agree to the injunctive or even-handed solution used by us later this contradiction of the terms of usage that creates irreversible damage to the company. you accept to register including clutch kind Suryavanshi Furniture, its subsidiary, leaders, representatives from and on every and all disasters, responsibilities, losses, demands, and charges acquired by the Organization that developed of violation, not performing of any guarantee or responsibility operated by you.


Moreover, thou consent to endure the Organization kind against any demands caused by a third person due upon your usage of the portal that began damage to a third person. The organization decree further is allowed to recover from yourself and you accept to give any payment and expenses of such activities.




The name will proceed to practice till eliminated by you or Suryavanshi furniture. Moreover, you may eliminate the contract by: Not entering the portal Terminating your user on our portal Suryavanshi Furniture at its individual and independent preference may eliminate the articles of use by or outwardly effect at any point of time if: Terms, restrictions or any of the policy of the organization, suitable for you is infringed. The stipulation of the assistance to you fits illegal.

The stipulation of the assistance to you is no continued commercial The Organization wants to stop the way to the portal, in general, or especially, for you.End or postponement due to technological causes may cover, relocation of the way to the portal, deletion of user material(adding data and element of the user including record data), prohibit you from entering our portal.

The Organization shall not remain responsible to any third person for the before-mentioned terminus. Thou recognize that terminus shall no change your responsibilities and commitment.


Administrative Act


Articles, matters and any common cases within you and the Organization shall remain administered in accordance with the rules of India. All cases and controversies occurring in combination with the portal shall be subjected to the sole authority of the tribunals at High Court of Rajasthan, Jaipur

As per articles, users can be taken constitutionally responsible for each content or element put on the portal, and judicially responsible if the text or substance is abusive or defended by copyright and brand. In fact, you get across any violation or breach of the act, please reach to care@suryavanshifurniture.com

Secrecy Policy


You understand that yourself ought to study and fully agree with the secrecy policy of the portal, moreover, you affirm that the terms and conditions of the policy are agreeable to you.


News and Discussion


You consent to accept information and newsletters via MSG and MAIL from Suryavanshi Furniture. To unfollow kindly follow the method set out in the portal.


Universal Provisions


Note: Each report of the Organization will be followed either by common information on the portal or through an email to the assigned account. Task: Powers of the organization, under the rights of use, are easily movable to any third person externally the necessary to request for your approval. Disclaimer: Incompetent to support or operate any stipulation of the articles by the organization, shall not delegate a rejection of such procurement.

Feedback and News: The organization or company is available to use the feedback presented by you to the portal. You justify that: Your feedback seems not include any private data of you. Suryavanshi Furniture is not authorized below any obligations of assuredly. Under any circumstances, you are not qualified for any fee for the feedback.

dependability not assured: Suryavanshi Furniture thus contravenes the guarantee of the accuracy of the form or surface of the end product. In the event you get any broken product, graphic evidence must be furthered at care@Suryavanshifurniture.com within 4 days of receiving the product. The evidence will be reviewed by our representatives, and a valid damage will be confirmed for a replacement via an email. In case of damaged replacement, the order will be cancelled and we will refund the entire price. Further, you agree that Suryavanshi Furniture has the final rights to judge whether a good is significantly broken or not.